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Dynamictexture – the installation

This project, Dynamictexture, has made it into an installation, and not anywhere, but at the Electric Castle 2019, among other worldwide artists in the New Media Castle exhibition, where it was seen by several thousands of people!



Neon Exposure


authors: Daria Ioan, Alexandra Muresan
dancer: Alexandra Sofonea
sound: “The Dockyard” de Dennis Deovides Reyes
presented during the ElektroArts Festival at Urania Palace

Neon Exposure is an interactive video installation that consists of a movie with a dancer dancing in a concrete parking lot synchronized by programming with an electro-acoustic song, so that the rhythm of dance and music match perfect, and, in some places, the neon lights in the film go on / off – an effect made entirely by programming, enhancing the sync effect with music and giving a look mysterious, sf movie.

A snapshot of the dancefloor

A series of screenshots from a project which can be understood both as Interactive paintings or Interactive dancefloor. The project is an interactive installation for two players which can dance or move – 2 webcams capturing them – and as they move, they advance on the virtual dancefloor which is also projected in the room. When they virtually meet on the dancefloor their live images appear more clear and recognizable. Taking it from the interactive paintings point of view, they are abstract composition in which shape and rhythm(and motion) are equally important.
Below is a collection of several screenshots capturing several setups I made.
This project was, in project form, presented to my admission at Interactive Multimedia Master at UBB. It was created in the first semester.

  • c1
  • c2a
  • c3b
  • c2
  • cp28
  • c30
  • c31
  • c29
  • c20
  • c28
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  • c16
  • c6j
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Butterflowers Garden

Interactive here:Butterflowers Garden.

Clock for day and night

The clock displays your local hour. Move your mouse over to see how “time flies” at different speeds depending on what we are doing or feeling…
This clock belongs to The Paper Pie Chart series.